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We'll Teach You The Most Coveted Skill Among the World's Leading Coaches, Counselors, Healers, and Wellness Experts

This is all about mastering yourself, then learning the 7-Step “Beyond Boundaries” Breakthrough Process to help others have similar levels of self mastery through the power of breathwork.

Our 3 step process that WORKS...

Learn The Science

Understand the chemistry of breath and how to use it to lessen stress, stimulate positive feelings and create fast and lasting change in your clients. By understanding this critical aspect of breathing, you’ll be able to guide people into states that will open up possibilities for profound transformation.

Hone Your Skills

Get schooled in the art of using breathwork to support transformation on all levels so you can help your clients achieve their goals faster. In this breathwork training, you’ll learn not only the fundamentals and techniques but how to use this tool to retrain the subconscious mind and release decades-old trauma for good.

Integrate With Practice

Understand the chemistry of breath and how to use it to lessen stress, stimulate positive feelings and create fast and lasting change in your clients. By understanding this critical aspect of breathing, you’ll be able to guide people into states that will open up possibilities for profound transformation.

Have Things Felt Intense Lately? Or Have You Noticed Patterns Of Missing Peace? ...

Introducing: The Beyond Boundaries Breathwork Training

WARNING: Prepare to Attain Unprecedented Peace + Reach Parts of Yourself You Never Have Before.

Phase 1: Embody The Practice - Learn the principles for yourself

  • Beyond Boundaries Breathwork

  • Brain Optimization and Neurofeedback Training Educate

  • Head to Heart Coherence

  • Reframing Your Ego

Phase 2: Here is The Facilitation Process

  • 7-Step “Beyond Boundaries” Breakthrough Process

  • Practical Facilitation Training

  • How to Make Your Clients Feel Safe

  • “Highest-Self” Hypnosis Techniques

Phase 3: The Business

  • Continuous Client Relations

  • Finding Your Voice and Sharing Your Practice

  • Getting Paid to Facilitate

  • Using Social Media to Get Clients


  • Annual In-Person Retreat for Graduates

  • Personal Brain Scan and Epigenetic Testing

real stories of transformation from individuals who have experienced the life-changing power of Beyond Boundaries Breathwork Certification Training.

What You Can Also Expect To Experience

With The Rest Of Our Group:

  • Calmness: Feel a sense of peace and tranquility wash over you

  • Vitality: Reconnect with your inner vitality and energy

  • Purpose: Discover a deeper sense of purpose and meaning in life

  • Well Being: Alleviate stress, anxiety, and overwhelm

  • Happiness: Cultivate lasting happiness and fulfillment.

Since completing the Breath School certification program with Kashi, I've noticed a significant improvement in my stress management and overall wellbeing. His guidance was instrumental in helping me harness the power of breathwork effectively.

-Emily Clarke from Melbourne, Australia.

The Breath School certification program led by Kashi was a transformative experience for me. His deep knowledge and supportive teaching style empowered me to now lead my own breathwork sessions with confidence.

-Michael Thompson from San Diego, California.

I am incredibly grateful for the Breath School certification program and Kashi’s expert facilitation. His passion for breathwork is contagious, and it has inspired me to integrate these practices into my daily routine for better health.

-Lisa Nguyen from Toronto, Canada.

By Now You're Probably Wondering

From Darkness to Light:

A Journey of Transformation

My Personal Journey & Testimony

Years ago, I found myself trapped in a cycle of addiction, depression, and despair. Each day seemed to blend into the next, with no hope in sight. It was a dark period of my life, filled with struggles and setbacks that seemed insurmountable.

Then, one day, in a moment of desperation, I experienced a breakthrough. I stumbled upon the practice of breathwork and meditation, and everything changed. As I delved deeper into these ancient practices, I discovered a newfound sense of clarity and purpose.

It was like a light had been switched on in the darkness, illuminating a path forward that I never knew existed.

But the real turning point came when I embarked on a transformative journey at an ashram, where I lived among wise monks and immersed myself in the teachings of breathwork, meditation, and kriya yoga. It was there that I had my epiphany.

I realized that the key to overcoming my struggles lay within myself. By harnessing the power of my breath, I could break free from the chains of my past and forge a new path forward. I saw clearly for the first time the patterns of self-destructive behavior that had been holding me back, and I knew that I had the strength within me to change.

From that moment on, my life transformed in ways I could never have imagined. I found true happiness, clarity, and fulfillment, and I knew that I had discovered something truly life-changing. Now, it's my mission to share this gift with others, guiding them on their own journey of self-discovery and transformation.

Meet Our Team Of Experts:


Gareth Hoernel

Gareth is a BJJ Black Belt, Heavyweight Champion, and brings his expertise to performing at your peak potential.


Toby Pasman

Toby is a Board-Certified Neurophysiologist. He utilizes mindfulness, presencing, embodiment, accountability, and action planning to help clients achieve their wildest dreams!


Dylan Vanas

Dylan teaches on the business aspect of building your Breathwork Business. How to generate leads and create income online.

Still Have Questions? Check Out Our FAQs

What is breathwork?

Breathwork is an active meditation technique based on controlled hyperventilation breathing. Breathwork classes online has the power to shift your state of consciousness so that you can explore your emotions from today, from yesterday, from thirty years ago, or even those of your family and the collective society in which we function and interact. Emotions that got unconsciously suppressed wire your brain in a dysfunctional way which has negative consequences on your daily life. Untangling these blind spots somatically through breathwork workshops unables you to release these emotions and internal blockages to finally move onand build a better life. Get into our breathwork training now!

What is a certified breath coach?

A breath coach is someone who has taken a breathwork course and helps people transform using simple breathing techniques. The Breath Master leads breathwork classes under guided groups and 1:1 sessions that help clients overcome stress, increase energy, and tap into their highest potential. Breathwork courses are an extremely useful tool for both life coaches and business coaches. Being a certified teacher will allow you to enrich your coaching experience by integrating the benefits of this practice into the quality of your clients’ relationships with themselves, with others, with their work, and much more. Join breathwork classes online and take your clients’ healing journey on a whole new level!

I'm not a healer. Can I still take breathwork course?

Yes, you can become a breathwork coach even if you’re not a healer! Breath Masters is open to anyone who wants to learn how to use breathwork to support clients with transformation. You do not need to be a healer or even a coach to sign up. You can start building your wellness practice by offering a breath workshop stand alone. Breathwork is an extremely powerful modality all on its own.

Elevate your practice, expand your horizons, and embrace a limitless world of growth

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